Happy Hour is a Myth. With YVGF, you can be happy all day long!


Cooking something for a Barbie-Q with Brad and Janet, or Marcia and Greg, can be easier than you think.

With jars of Yarra Valley Preserves at-the-ready in the cupboard, you’ll be singing “I think I love you” in no time.

We make it simple and the flavours are extraordinary.

For example…

You know how you find a great recipe in a book for Glazed Pork or Chicken Kebabs and it sets up a big list of ingredients that you have to go and buy in order to make the marinade from scratch – forget it!  Use our Sticky Glaze instead – straight from the jar.  Baste it over your pork and the vegetables, let it sit for a little bit and you’re good to go.

Maybe you need a crunchy noodle salad to take to Bill and Ben’s house for lunch.  Instead of making the sauce dressing, reach for a bottle of our Asian Style Salad Splash.  It’s got everything in it already.  It’ll go well with Flowerpot Bread.


If Thurston and Lovey invite you over for a loo-aww, you can be sure they’ll have a coconut cream pie ready.  You could take an Apple Pie Dacquiri featuring our yummy Traditional Apple Sauce (Recipe).  They’re over 18 so if they end up over the limit from the brandy and vodka inclusions, everyone will be okay.  You can’t drive on Gilligan’s Island anyway.

Spike some fruit pieces on skewers before you head off to Scott and Charlene’s for brunch.  Just before you serve, generously drizzle over some of our Toffeed Balsamic & Vanilla Syrup.  It will be a hit, we guarantee!

Next up, did you know that Lois and Clark are suspected to be vegetarians?  If you’re heading off to their place, you could cut open some figs, baste them with our Fig and Ginger Jam and grill them on the barbie and serve with a dollop of creme fraiche.  They might also like a few Asian Greens blended with sesame seeds and our Wok Toss.  Everyone will be tickled pink with the taste.

Mork and Mindy may have asked you to bring a Chicken Salad to their spacious home for a family party.  Grab a BBQ chicken from your local IGA, Woolies or Leos, shred it, toss in some baby spinach leaves, rocket and cos lettuce, red capsicum, cherry tomatoes and some shaved parmesan cheese.  Pour over with our Honey & Mustard Salad Splash, garnish with some parsley and off you go.

And if the Professor and Maryann turn up on your doorstep after a miraculous rescue, they’re likely to bring a batch of prawns.  Pop them on the grill, reach for a jar of our Seafood Sauce or Tartare Sauce and simply let everyone dip to their hearts’ content.

Lastly, you’ll never fail to impress any old Barbie and Ken if you whip out a bag of frozen dumplings, roll out some dipping condiments or sauces (like our Mad Dog Chilli Salsa, Roasted Capsicum & Chilli Relish, or Tomato Relish)

So…. you started out thinking this story was about having drinks on the deck before dinner, didn’t you.  Think again.  We want you to think outside the box like we do, coz there are lots of ways to be as happy as a Rhinestone Cowboy at a star-spangled rodeo… and, take it from me, happy does not have to be limited to an hour.

With a batch of our gourmet relishes, chutneys, jams, salad dressings and other fabulous Australian Made Condiments in the fridge or pantry, you can entertain in a flash.

We’ve done the hard part by creating delicious, mostly gluten-free products and vegan-friendly products mixed in small hand-made batches in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

Our chefs take great care to blend and bottle gorgeously fresh Australian fruits and vegetables into the most extraordinarily flavoured combinations, so that you can focus on having a jolly good time with your friends and family.

The point is, you can pair any of our products with the simplest of foods to create sensational meals to enjoy and share, whether it’s at Batman and Robin’s house, or at a picnic on the brightside of the road.

Have fun with food!

With Luv


  • Make a friend happy and send them a hamper of goodies from Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods
  • Make yourself happy and buy some gourmet treats for your very own self
  • Make us happy and buy one of everything (just kidding) 🙂