Gluten Free Cordial

Made from fresh, real farm fruits.

It’s refreshing any time of the day with three yummy flavours!

Try our new Pine Lime Cordial, or our already loved favourites – Old Fashioned Lemon Cordial and Cranberry & Orange Cordial.

Sold in 700ml bottles, they can be mixed on a 1:7 ratio (or whatever suits your taste).

Mix with water, soda water, lemonade, mineral water, or coconut water.  Add a sprig of mint, a splash of (adults only) vodka, and some blocks of ice.  Take your pick – drink it slow or quick.

Fill up your water cooler stand with a blend of one of our cordial flavours – and treat your guests, as well, to our real fruit taste.

Contact us and ask to have your flavour selection added to a Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods Custom Hamper

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