Go Sweet.  Go Savoury.

Get Saucy with Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods’ Sauces Range.

Our Sauces are all crying out for you to get creative!

Toffeed Balsamic & Vanilla Syrup is back!!  Drizzle it over a platter of fruit or a Pear & Rocket Salad.  It’s delicious.  It’s decadent.

Choose a Sticky Glaze for your chicken wings and beef ribs.

Lavish your chips, burgers and snags with our new Mountain Pepper Tomato Ketchup.

Roast a turkey and lavish your plate with Cranberry Sauce or brush a little on your ribs…

Present your roast pork (or pancakes and ice cream) with our not-too-sweet Apple Sauce – you know you want to!

Marinate fish, meat, or poultry with Black Garlic & Wild Thyme Worcestershire Sauce – just because you can…

And grab the good old Wok Toss and sling it around the frypan – with Asian greens, a vegetarian blend, or go all-out and throw in the entire contents of your crisper with a bit of meat for good measure.  YUM!!!

Now you’ve got the idea!

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