Food & Hotel Asia, Singapore Expo, Tuesday 24 -Friday 27 April 2018, 9am – 6pm

Fantastic Food & Drink, ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre, Sunday 29  – Monday 30 April 2018, 10am – 5pm

Product Update

And we’re back….! We’ve started the pick so Quince Jelly will hit the shelves 26 March – let’s hope we can pick enough for year round supply this year. At the same time, our supply of Golden Hornet and Gorgeous crab apples are looking great, so we’ll be picking to our hearts content over Easter – expect Crab Apple Jelly back in stock w/c 2 April.


Our range of Infused Oils are all now deleted products as we make way for some new development.

Gluten Free
All products except 8 out of our extensive range are manufactured Gluten Free…. Tomato Relish, Spicy Tomato Chutney, Mango & Port Chutney, Kasundi Relish, Horseradish Mustard, Mad Dog Chilli Salsa, Asian Style Salad Splash and Wok Toss are made using malt vinegar or ingredients that contain wheat and barley.

Imitated Product (Valley Harvest brand)
So our former distributor decided to imitate our product range – thumbs down to them! This unimaginative version of our Yarra Valley Preserves products – the ‘Valley Harvest’ branded range – is still around but not hurting us too much! Remember, the Yarra Valley Preserves brand of jams, chutneys, salad dressing, etc. is the original in its beautiful packaging format, the best tasting, and definitely made in the Yarra Valley!! We stand by the quality of our products and packaging, and continue to invest in the development of both…