About Us

Home of the Yarra Valley’s favourite preserves for over 20 years, Yarra Valley Gourmet Food brings together the freshest Australian local produce to manufacture an inspired and beautifully packaged collection of gourmet salad dressings, jams, jellies, mustards, cordials, chutneys/relishes, mayonnaise, and vinegars. Made from the finest, pure ingredients, our all-natural range is produced in small batches to retain all the flavor and goodness you’d expect of a product made with love. Put simply, it’s simple food, with extraordinary flavour, from the heart of the Yarra Valley.

Purchasing the business in 2009 from the originating owners, Jacqui Harvey continues to grow and develop the range, focusing on interesting and innovative flavour combinations whilst ensuring the highest quality of product. Caroline, Caralyn and our new kitchen team of Tracey, Hsa Ku and Krystie, proudly make our speciality preserves and gourmet foods, ably supported by a labelling and gifting team in Colleen and Jan, as well as our new 2018 Thursday crew – Alistair, Dylan, Joseph and Tim from the Yarra Ranges Special Development School – to produce the final finished product – a beautifully labelled and branded packaged product!

Sales Manager Michael Peterson is on the road looking after our home state, with Rob McCauley, our Sales Representative in New South Wales, and Russell concentratingon internal sales and everything sales administration (as well as contributing to the welcome supply of baked goods!). Jacqui concentrates on national accounts and all other states, along with marketing, administration, product development, and ensuring a consistent supply of coffee and birthday cakes!

Brendan makes his way around Melbourne to deliver orders in our branded van, whilst Darren and Geoff deal with the picking, packing and posting to help get those orders out the door.

What an awesome team we have….