National Family Business Day is everyday at YVGF

National Family Business Day is everyday at YVGF

We’re super proud of where we’ve come from and the growth of Yarra Valley Preserves as a brand!

Our small team is like family in so many ways.   We have a father/daughter duo, there is a strong sense of care amongst all of the crew, and the support that is given for one another’s welfare is very high.  We also welcome the Yarra Ranges Special Development crew every Wednesday.  They rock in full of enthusiasm and help with carton making – and we’re always happy to see the smiles on their faces.

Jacqui Harvey, Managing Director and Owner, also delights in having regular help from her own mum and dad.  Jan comes in to make up hampers, gift boxes and gift packs.  Edmond gets to work on helping out in the grounds, and this is becoming increasingly important as our new facilities are being built.  The excavation for our new staff carpark has been done, our warehouse shed extension concrete floor has been poured, and the planning for the improvements to the old red brick homestead on the property shall soon be activated.

Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods is well under way to becoming a more desirable tourism destination than ever before.  A viewing deck is looming to capitalise on our stunning Yarra Valley views amongst other things.  We’re also now offering Farmgate Tours to Bus Groups, and we’ve partnered with Mont De Lancey Homestead to make the experience of a tour here even more culturally special.  It’s a very exciting time.

“National Family Day is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of how grateful we are to work in a spectacular place and to have wholesale clients who are family businesses of their own, not to mention the mountain of retail family customers we have, who come back time and again for our products.  All of those relationships are extremely important to us.”


We’re a family.

We’re a business.

And we’re loving the National acclaim that is evolving for the quality of our products – we’re Vegan-friendly, mostly Gluten-free, and grateful that we can share our fresh food recipes with others on such a large scale.

To every family business in Australia, we salute you too!  

Happy National Family Business Day.

Kind regards,