We’re very picky about our Condiments & Quinces at Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods

We picked the best of the crop and assigned names to our top four.

There was Quince Harry, Quince William, Quince Louis and Quince George – in no particular order!

At Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods, we only ever select the cream of the crop to slow cook in small batches, and then transfer into our special jars for delivery to our customers Australia-wide.
Everything is handmade.   It’s regional fresh and of the highest quality.

“For us, it’s all about the fruit.  It has to be at it’s peak in freshness.  It has to be locally grown (as much as possible), and it has to be as pure as possible.

Our local farmers love the support we give them and we’re resolute about accessing the best Yarra Valley produce we can.  And it’s not rocket science to realise that the seasons and fluctuations in weather can be really hard on our crop supplies, but when this crop of quinces was ready, we sent out the YVGF cavalry to pick the finest specimens, bring them on home to our purpose-built food manufacturing facilities in Seville, Victoria, and get cracking on making a superbly smooth supply of Quince Jelly – with just a hint of infused spice.

  • Our recipes are fruity, fresh and fabulous.
  • They’re founded on the original Country Women’s Association mandate to be homemade.
  • They’re not full of fake additives and mountains of sugar and salt.
  • They’re designed to make sure you finish what you’ve devoured, and – because it tastes so good – you just want more!”

At Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods, we make a number of Jellies – and that’s not to be confused with the stuff you have with ice cream and hundreds and thousands.

We’ve got four jellies on the floor …

For example:

Mint Jelly – It’s Gluten-free, minty, moreish, and marvelous with roast lamb.

Rosemary Jelly – It’s Gluten-free, with a sprig or real rosemary inside, and also perfect with lamb.  According to Mr Google, Rosemary apparently has the potential to improve your mood and memory too.  Well that’s what they reckon!

Spiced Cranberry & Orange Jelly – Surprise – it’s Gluten-free too!  Put a bit on your charcuterie board to enhance your cheeses and spice up your bickies.  And did you know, you can also use it as a recipe enhancer with oysters (which might also improve your mood by the way).  Mix one part Spiced Cranberry and Orange Jelly with two parts Red Wine Vinegar, some chopped red onion, and some ground pepper.  Arrange your oysters on a bed of sea salt (see image below), spoon over your dressing and you know what comes next…. YUM!

Quince Jelly – Yep.  It’s Gluten-free, a little bit sweet, very fruity and another fun addition to your cheese board.  You can also add our Quince Jelly to ribs with chilli.  Yes you can.  See Recipe.


Fresh from the red rich soils of the Yarra Valley, our jellies are something special.

It’s not like your traditional ice cream and jelly – but boy is our collection something worthy of getting excited about when you’re looking for simple food with extraordinary flavour, that’s made by hand with the most amazingly fresh fruit.

Yarra Valley Regional Fresh, Hand-made & Delicious!

With luv & sprinkles,