Yarra Valley Fresh Regional Jams, Coffee & Pancakes – Make it happen for Barista Day 1st March

The smell of fresh brewed coffee always lends itself to having a little something sweet on the side – and we’ve got just the thing!

With Barista Day coming up on 1st March, why not make a plan to spoil the peeps you love with an afternoon soiree featuring our gorgeous Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods Jams, our cinnamon spice-infused Apple Sauce, and our Old-Fashioned Lemon Juice Cordial.

Come on, don’t just think about it – do it!

Make up a batch of pancake batter (or buy in a pre-prepared packet of pikelets if that’s easier) and set up a grazing table or individual plates.

Are you getting with the program here?

The nice thing about serving pancakes with a coffee on the side is that you can have everything ready, lay it all out, and let everyone just mix and match the flavours from our yummy range of Yarra Valley Preserves label.  Oh yes you can!

And… where other companies cut corners and add imported fruit concentrates, bucket loads of processed sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives, here at Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods, we focus on using simple food ingredients to bring about extraordinary products that leave you wanting more…

Now for some ideas to tempt your tastebuds…..

Serve up your pancakes with your choice of Yarra Valley Preserves from our range:

Layout your pancakes, spread a generous spoonful of one of our jams on the surface, cut some complementary fresh fruit to sprinkle at-will, drizzle some fresh cream in the shape of a heart, and dollop a scoop of your favourite ice cream on the top for good measure.

Grab a Chai Latte from your local barista, take your time to chat with a friend, and while away an afternoon of bliss.


Go all out and use our YVGF Apple Sauce

Yarra Valley Preserves Apple Sauce is a fine example of simple food (aka apples) blended with cinnamon and some other special spices to give you a hint of warmth and added spirit to satisfy your everyday foodie cravings.  It’s gluten free, low in salt, and 88% of the jar is just pure local apples from the Yarra Valley in Australia.  Warm the Yarra Valley Gourmet Apple Sauce and pour it over your pancakes, scoop some ice cream on the top, grab a barista-style Cappuccino and enjoy!




Prefer the old lemon and sugar pancake favourite?

We’ve got the answer – and the fresh lemons have already been picked, squeezed and bottled for you!  It may never have crossed your mind to use a lemon cordial on a pancake – but our Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods, Old Fashioned Lemon Cordial (with a spoonful of sugar) is perfect for pancakes.  The cordial itself is super-concentrated lemon flavour, with just a hint of sweetness, making it supercalifragilistic.

And don’t forget the ice cream on the side!

A little espresso, a Yarra Valley view, and you’ve got yourself the perfect treat.



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Happy Barista Day for March 1st.