International Meatball Day 9th March


Makin’ meatballs couldn’t be easier with Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods’ range of saucy sauces, raunchy relishes and MAD DOG Chilli products.

You can go hot and heavy or as spicy as you like, or soften the blow with a splash of tomato relish that just makes your taste buds hum.

I guess the challenge is to keep the spicy bit G-rated so that everyone in the family can dig in and enjoy the flavours, without reaching for copious amounts of water to wash it down.

But seriously, meatballs are a universal dish, let’s face it.  They can end up looking like islands in the midst of a tomato-based sauce, dipped in sidebowls of aioli, mayo or a selection of our relishes – or just served with a swag of condiments on the table so that your family and friends can choose the level of flavour to savour at the time.

For International Meatball Day (or any other day really), we suggest letting your imagination go wild with the following Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods by your side in the kitchen:



And then you can run for a bottle of our Old Fashioned Lemon Cordial, Pine Lime Cordial, or Cranberry & Orange Cordial to put the fire out….

BTW, we do recommend reading the labels… it’s traditional that men don’t read the instructions.

We’re not being sexist.  Don’t get us wrong.

Just please read the ‘structions on our MAD DOG products.  For example, our MAD DOG  Flamin’ Hot Cayenne & Tomato Sauce has a helpful list of Dos & Don’ts on the label.  True dinks!  It says to have a go at adding the sauce to marinades, dips and dressings, and to certainly add it to pasta sauces, ground beef burgers (and meatballs), and stir fries – BUT – and it’s a big BUTTT – “Don’t ignore the Flamin’ Hot warning.  Test for heat first by placing a teeny-weeny bit on (someone else’s) tongue for heat”. 

And be prepared to call the CFA if the call-to-action to read the label has been ignored.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.