International Wine Day 25th May – Who Gives a Condiment? We do!


Some people like cordial

Others like cups of tea

Me I’d rather a glass of wine

But I stop when I get to three 🙂

Okay, I have to admit that the odd glass of wine is one of my guilty pleasures.  I tell myself it’s fruit juice, which perfectly compliments the condiments that we make right here in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, with fresh, local, Australian produce.  Our fruits and vegetables are all Australian grown by the way.  Oh, and whilst we’re on a health kick about fruit juice, we might as well mention that we have a stack of 100% Gluten-free Sauces, Jams and other vegan friendly food products as well.  It’s actually Food Allergy Week as well from the 21st to the 27th May.  True dinks…

Personally, I love getting out the charcuterie board, inviting a few friends over and popping a cork – although most wine bottles have twisty tops these days.

It doesn’t even need to be a special occasion.  If you’re like me, living and loving life, I just do it coz I can – and for some reason my friends are right behind the concept – in moderation of course.

So let’s get back to compliments – I mean Australia Made condiments.

It might be International Wine Day on 25th May, but then there is always “any excuse for a charcuterie board day”.  You can find the plain label bickies or go for the top end crackers, scour your local deli for the best selection of cheeses in the universe, or stick with a good old block of Tasty Cheese and a round of Brie.  Me, I like to mix things up, but I never hesitate to lay out some Green Tomato Relish, Quince Jelly, some Eggplant & Chilli Chutney, and some Mad Dog Chilli Salsa.  Add a few carrot sticks, a packet of Kale Salad, some unsalted cashews, some corn chips, cucumber, cauliflower and cut up cumquats.  Can you ‘C’ where this is going?

Our Australian Made jams and condiments have taken off across the country.  Thank you for supporting us.

We reckon you should!  We’ve all received a gift that either goes straight to the cupboard, or ends up being regifted to someone who we may not like very much – LOL.  Welllll…… we have the perfect gift to complement any platter of cheese, and we recommend that you particularly give our gifts of foodie goodness to the people you love to hang out with.

Make a note – When you’ve been invited over for dinner, or lunch or aperitifs, and you want to bring a gift when you’ve been told not to bring a thing, thank your host or hostess for being so kind.  Then, compliment their generosity by turning up with a selection of our yummy condiments, or make a salad with our unique salad splash flavours.  We guarantee that the only reason YVGF gifts will end up hidden in the cupboard is because your host wants to eat the contents by the spoonful when the party’s over!

So…. browse through our online shop for the perfect Australian Made Gift –


We take fresh and simple to create special and delicious.



And don’t forget, that even though anything goes on International Wine Day, spare a thought for the kids, the drivers and the non-drinkers and buy some of our delicious Australian Fruit Cordials to make sure you’ve got everything covered.  They are also delightfully gluten-free, vegan friendly and not bad at all if a little splash of such lands in your bubbles, or favourite white wine.  Why not!  See our cordials.

The Pine Lime Cordial is ah-mazing with water, soda water or coconut water – especially with a sprig of mint on top.

Our Cranberry & Orange Cordial is fabulous with water or soda water…. and maybe a hint of vodka if you wish.

Our Old-Fashioned Lemon Cordial is a bit like an old pub squash and might even add some sparkle to pancakes with sugar (our cordial is made from real lemons after all).  Not sure what pancakes with lemon and sugar have to do with International Wine Day, but ya know, we thought we’d mention it just in case you want to whip some up to absorb the alcohol later.

So there you have it.

Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods has everything you need for your next soiree.

Take a peek at our online shop, find us in Woolworths, Providores, Leos, IGA, Ritchies and across the country in lots of little gourmet food retailers and homewares stores.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask for our products by name under the Yarra Valley Preserves Brand, or contact us on (03)9737 1753.


With our condiments,