Book Fermentation for Beginners


Many of our favourite everyday foods like beer, wine, cheese, bread, and yogurt, or beloved family traditions like sauerkraut, corned beef, and kimchi, are the result of fermentation. Besides adding complexity and flavour to many foods, fermentation is also proven to add amazing health benefits from promoting healthy digestion to allowing our body to fully absorb the necessary nutrients in our food.

With step-by-step instructions, ‘Fermentation for Beginners’ takes the stress out of at-home fermentation. Whether you are trying fermentation to improve your health, or just want to explore this time-tested culinary skill, ‘Fermentation for Beginners’ will be your guide to the art of fermentation and the science of probiotic foods. This book will show you how and why to ferment your own foods, with 60 delicious fermentation recipes from pickles to yogurt to sourdough bread to wine, 13 key ingredients for fermentation, 9 top health reasons to eat probiotic foods, step-by-step instructions for safe and effective fermentation, overview of the science behind fermentation, and tips on starting your home fermentation laboratory.

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